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2017, IUT members

  • TPAS Scotland National Annual Conference
    The Charter, Housing, Health & Care and Welfare Reform
    November 3-5
    St Andrews, Scotland
    More info via:

 2017, Other major housing conferences

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2013: Presidency of Lithuania
EU Housing ministers meeting

When: December 8-9
Where: Brussels

2010: Spanish Presidency
Informal Ministers meeting:
Theme: Housing and Urban Rehabilitation
When: April 26-27 (high Level) and May 21-22
Madrid and Toledo

2008: Informal Ministerial Meeting on Social Services of General Interest
October 28-29

Organised by:
French EU Presidency

2007 : Informal Ministerial Meeting on territorial cohesion and urban development
When: May 24-25
Leipzig, Germany
“Territorial development and social cohesion”. This means not only housing, but infrastructure in the EU in general. Another theme is the “sustainable European city”.

2006: 17th Informal meeting of the EU Housing Ministers Cancelled!
October 16-17
Barcelona, Spain
Urban Developmen

2005 : 16th Informal meeting of the EU Housing Ministers
March 14-15
Prague, Czech rep.
High-rise housing in central and eastern Europe
DRAFT final Communiqué of the 16th EU Housing Ministers Meeting

2004: The Dutch Presidency organized a conference on Sustainable Housing Policies.

2003: 14th Informal Meeting with the EU Housing Ministers
Chair: The Italian EU Presidency 
When: November 27-28.
Where: Padua, Italy. 
Housing and European integration: problems and prospects.


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IUT Congresses:

  • 2016, IUT 20:th Congress
    When: October 14-16
    Glasgow, Scotland

    • IUT congress statement
      The rent is too high: We need a 21st century rent control!" ENG pdf FR pdf ES pdf
    • Congress book: Reports from 24 countries
      to the IUT congress pdf

    • Presentations
      • Sven Bergenstråhle, IUT President pdf
      • Barbara Steenbergen, IUT Brussels pdf
      • Sorcha Edwards, Housing Europe pdf
      • City of Paris; Sebastien Jolis pdf
      • Marietta Haffner TU Delft pdf
      • Mary Taylor, Scottish Fed. of Housing Assoc's pdf
      • Dutch Tenants Union - Woonbond pdf
      • Isobel Anderson, Sterling University pdf
      • Liz Ely, Living Rent
      • CNL, France pdf
      • Mietervereinigung Berlin pdf
      • Latvia pdf
      • Elena Shomina, RU, Student Housing pdf

  • 2013, IUT 19:th Congress
    When: October 25-27
    Where: Krakow, Poland

    • Congress statement, with signatures  pdf
    • Congress booklet, with 25 country presentations pdf
    • IUT Plan of action 2013-2016 pdf
    • Report of activities 2010-2012 pdf

    • Presentations:
      • Sven Bergenstråhle pdf
      • Kurt Eliasson pdf
      • Marja Elsinga pdf
      • Ida Borg pdf
    • Photos
      • Opening of congress, Oct 25 pdf
      • Panel Debate on stage, Oct. 26 pdf
      • Various photos by P. Forsman, SUT pdf
      • Restaurant Morskie Oko, Oct 26 pdf
      • Study visit Nowa Huta, Oct. 27 pdf


  • 2010 IUT, 18:th Congress
    Prague October 2-4
    Prague, Czech Republic
    • Written Declaration IUT congress, 2010 pdf
    • IUT congress Statement on Affordable Rental Housing pdf


  • 2007, IUT 17:th Congress
    When: September 20-23
    Where: Berlin, Germany
    • Statement pdf



  • 2004, IUT 16:th Congress
    Where: Birmingham, England
    August 5-8, 2004
    • Affordable Housing for All! pdf
    • AIDS/HIV causes loss of breadwinners and increase homelessness. pdf


International Tenant's  Day

Background to the International Tenants´ Day:
In May 22, 1986, the Council of the IUT met in Paris and a decision was made to designate the first Monday in October as the "International Tenant´s  Day.
The IUT promotes, together with the UN,  the theme "Secure Tenure" and the "Right to affordable housing".
But, any tenant organisation may chose their own topic/theme for this day.

UN World Habitat Day
The date chosen by the IUT Council was made with the background of the UN resolution taken in December 1985, by the UN General Assembly, to designate the first day of October every year as the World Habitat Day.
The World Habitat day was first celebrated in October 1986.

 Posters and streamers for the Tenants´ Day:

  • Poster: (70 x 50 cm)
    The text on the posters read:
    WORLD HABITAT DAY - The UN together with partners for better housing and secure tenure!
    Signed by: UN Centre for Human Settlements, and, International Union of Tenants.
    See poster on images/Habitat affisch.pdf

  • Streamer 5x30 cm, with text: "Tenants make Cities"

...available from the IUT Secretariat


International Tenants´ Day
events and themes




France: Journée mondiale des Locataires, article en français de ASLOCA, Geneve

Italy: Giornata  Internazionale dell´Inquilino, Napoli, 5 ottobre 2009




  • 2006
    Theme: Stop Unfair Evictions! Stop Inhuman Removals!

    • IUT/IAI Statement in English pdf
    • FR: Journée Mondiale des Locatairespdf
    • ES: Jornada Mundial de los Inquilinos pdf
    • IT: Giornata Mondiale degli Inquilini pdf



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