Policies, position papers and press releases

IUTs’ stance on Housing related policy

IUT Policy Papers

Below are some key IUT policy papers and press releases on different matters. For our policies on energy, please see the special Energy policy site.



IUT has issued a position paper on security of tenure and rent stabilisation and control.  The paper was approved by the IUT Board at their Board meeting on 4th May 2018.

IUT press release on World Consumer Day 15th March 2018


IUT – Contribution to the Consultation on the European Pillar of Social Rights


IUT – Preventing Inadequate Housing is a Gain for Society

The rent is too high: We need a 21st-century rent control.   IUT  Congress statement 2016

Rent regulation and security of tenure, an IUT publication  



IUT’s tri-annual EU activity report 2013-2015

IUT Declaration: Eviction is not the solution! People need roofs over their heads! May 2015

IUT (2015) Future Challenges of Social Housing in Europe:  New Perspectives for the financial and legislative framework of the EU



IUT – CECODHAS Housing Europe

IUT – Will the Investment flow to the real Economy meet Affordable Housing

IUT – meets with Commissioner Mimica, European Commissioner for Consumer Protection

IUT – Tenants’ Milestones for the new European Parliament (eng)

IUT – Tenants’ Milestones for the new European Parliament (fr)

IUT – Tenants’ Milestones for the new European Parliament (de)


IUT – About Time to stop a European wave of Evictions

IUT – In a Social Europe we want more Social Housing

IUT – Welcomes new EU Initiative for Social Housing


IUT – 10 Energy Policy Recommendations of the International Union of Tenants

IUT – Affordable Rental Housing for the Young

IUT – We need more Affordable Housing to Solve European Economic Crisis, not less

IUT  published three joint documents with the EHF:


IUT – Future Perspectives of a European Housing Policy

IUT – Recommendations on Housing for Young Adults

IUT – Towards a European Agenda for Social Housing


IUT – Changing Lifestyles, Changing Climate

IUT – ‘EU Commission, keep your hands off our social housing systems’


 EHF– Letter to Members of the European Parliament

IUT – Tenants Make a Social Europe


IUT EU Position paper, 2007