November 2016


Theme: IUTs' 20th congress

Scotland as a role model
Czech Republic and a law on social housing
Catalonia, A Spanish speciality
IUT congress statement , on rent control
Five young organizations: Generation Rent,
Dublin Tenant Association, Crown Heights Tenant Union and Alla Ska Kunna Bo Kvar
The Swiss sign for more affordable
Sweden; reasonable rents benefit society
International Tenants Day in Canberra, AUS

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April 2016


CoverGTapril2016 Chronicle: More affordable homes needed
in Denmark, by Claus H÷jte

Privatizing UK social housing won't work -
just look at Europe!
Preventing unhealthy housing is a gain for society.
EU news from Brussels.
Preparing for Habitat III, in Quito.
CNL, France, 100 years.
A clearing in the sky of Canada and Quebec.
Nepal Tenants Union.
Let's talk public housing in Niagara Falls and in the U.S.
USA - and how housing has become unaffordable.
No utopia in the Australian Northern Territory.
Tenants Union NSW, AUS, 40 years.
New Zealand: Working for better rental housing.

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January 2016


Chronicle, the German rent brake  omslagGT_jan_2016
The market will not solve the housing
The EU, challenges of social housing in
The Swedish Model
AUS, NSW: tenants' bond money
AUS, WA: Need for housing reforms
Catalonia, Spain
Slovenia and housing rights
South Africa, and tenant's rights
Bosnia & Herzegovina
UNECE, on social housing
Habitat III
USA: Airbnb, NY housing plan
Switzerland, Swiss tenants 100 year

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          September 2015

          Contents: GTsept_2015
  • Chronicle: Woonbond 25 years
  • Rental housing situation in England 
  • Flanders, Belgium
  • Brussels, and lack of affordable homes
  • Switzerland, rental housing shortage
  • A view from Wales
  • Rent control in Paris
  • Ireland, and the private rental sector
  • Victoria, AUS
  • Toronto, CAN
  • Gentrification in New York
  • Rent Freeze in NY
  • IUT congress, first notice

 GT September 2015  pdf
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           April 2015


  • Chronicle: Norway, housing and the EUGTapril_web
  • Tenure neutrlity, by S. Bergenstrňhle
  • ERHIN, and responsible housing
  • Australia news
  • San-Francisco
  • Poland, and social housing
  • Croatia and energy renovation
  • Scotland. TIS and scuritiny
  • Northern Ireland
  • Liberia and rental housing
  • Ulan-Ude in Siberia, Russia
  • Germany, and rent caps

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December 2014


  • Chronicle by Barbara Steenbergen:
    GTcoverDec2014"Building bridges in Europe"   
  • The Netherlands, and debate on social
  • Tenant┤s Day 2014  - report
  • TAROE, England
  • Vienna with growing housing costs
  • TPAS Scotland
  • Geneva UN Charter on Sustainable Housing
  • NY, Crown Heights Tenants Union
  • South Korea and "jeonse"
  • Australia and boarding houses
  • Tony┤s Story

    GT December 2014  pdf
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September 2014


  • Chronicle by Milan Taraba, SON
  • Europe┤s voters moved towards
    the political fringes
  • TPAS England
  • Generation Rent, England                     
  • Polish rent-mirror
  • Sweden: housing uproar
  • Capped rents in Germany
  • SHOUT-campaign for social housing
  • Greetings from New-Zealand
  • Australian tenants fined
  • Rental housing Latin America
  • USA - rise of a renter nation   
  • Harvard University works with IUT

    GT September 2014 pdf
    Edition franšais pdf
    Русский вариант pdf

April 2014

Theme: EU elections

  • Chronicle by Magnus Hammar:
    The elections  - whether you like it or not
  • Housing on the EU agenda
  • Strengthen tenant┤s voices in Brussels
  • IUT Tenant Milestones
  • ERHIN project, responsible housing
  • Housing in Quebec, Canada
  • Paris and London - tale of two cities
  • Renting in Macedonia
  • News from Australia
  • Do governments invest in rental housing?
  • FAVIBC, Spain, 25 years

    GT April 2014 in pdf

    Edition franšais in pdf
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December 2013


  • Chronicle by Barbro Engman, SUT Sweden
  • Housing in the Nordic countries
  • IUT congress - report
  • Housing -  a headache for Europe?
  • Norway relies on private rentals
  • Denmark with self-governed tenant
  • Iceland┤s rental market
  • The Swedish model, up till now
  • Finland, and a growing rental sector
  • Scotland where 'bedroom tax' hits tenants
  • News from IUT Brussels

GT December 2013 in pdf
Edition franšais in pdf
Русский вариант in pdf


April 2013


  • Chronicle by Serge I. Formentini, CNL
  • The right to housing, and tenure neutrality
    by Sven Bergenstrňhle
  • IUT five years in Brussels
  • Switzerland - a tenant┤s paradise?
  • Social housing in Ireland
  • CECODHAS 25 years
  • Tenure neutrality
  • Tenant advocacy in NSW Australia
  • Latvia and restitution
  • Emergence of tenant┤s union in NSW
  • Regulated rental markets
    improve housing conditions!
  • India┤s rental market

    GT April 2013 in pdf
    Edition franšais
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December 2012

  • Where to for Australian tenancy laws
  • Third attack on the European social housing - France
  • Australia and the great dream                       
  • IUT members in Australia
  • Tenants need to be at the table!
  • IUT at the 6th World Urban Forum
  • Naples, Italy
  • New York
  • Scotland: Universal credit
  • What┤s IUT been up to?
  • USA, Seattle: Healthy Housing
  • Kvasnevskis vs. Latvia

GT December 2012 in pdf
Edition franšais
Русский вариант

July 2012

13 IUT arguments for Rental Housing
  • Chronicle: Everyone's right to housing -
    what does it take?GTJuly2012
    By Nadja Shah, MVÍ Austria
  • Every modern society needs a rental
    market, by Sven Bergenstrňhle
  • 13 IUT arguments for rental housing
  • Energy, tenants - news from Brussels
  • Slovakia, and a marginalised rental sector  
  • Security of tenure in Victoria, Australia
  • Mixed tenure in Vienna
  • Salzburg housing fund
  • Chicago, a city of renters
  • Notices, new publications
  • IUT goes to Naples and WWUF 6

    GT July 2012, in pdf
    Edition franšais
    Русский вариант


Tenant Participation

  • Chronicle: Tenant Participation in ScotlandOmslagGTmarch_2012
    By Lesley Baird, TPAS Scotland
  • Tenant participation across Europe
  • TP in New South Wales, Australia
  • Concept of TP in Canada
  • Germany and TP             
  • Sweden, where tenants set the rents
  • England and TP
  • TP across France
  • TP, the Italian way
  • Hong Kong and TP
  • Russia, and lack of housing for the Young
  • World Urban Forum VI in Naples
  • EU points at lack of affordable housing

    GT March 2012, in pdf
    Edition franšais
    Русский вариант



November 2011

  • Chronicle: Magnus Hammar
    'Young Adults matter, here and there'GTnovOmslagwegGT
  • U.K; What future for social housing?
  • Report from Tenant┤s Day in Brussels
    Little action on housing for young people
  • IUT protests against evictions in the UK
  • Housing and the EU - current issues
  • Norway goes for homeownership
  • Provivienda, housing solution in Spain
  • Private rental sector, increased importance
  • Stockholm protests against privatisations
  • Canada, Toronto, ground zero for renters
  • Japan coping with disasters
  • South Africa with a an aspiration to
    house all

    GT November 2011 in pdf
    Edition franšais
    Русский вариант


July 2011                                                                     

Theme: Young Adults and Housing
  • Chronicle by Heidrun Clausen, DMB
    'German youths need new and fairGTJuly
  • Young adults┤rights to housing of thier own, by Sven Bergenstrňhle             
  • USA: Renewed importance of
    rental housing
  • Japan, and young adults
  • Scotland, with a right-to-housing
    by 2012
  • Canada, no-fault policy on bed-bugs
  • Armenia, suffering from political
    and nature disasters
  • Bulgaria, with a long tradition of
  • Australia, Canberra
  • New Zealand and demand for rentals
  • Croatian Union of Tenants, 20 years
  • Czech Republic deregulates rents
  • International Tenants┤ Day

    GT July 2011, ENG, in pdf
    Version franšais
    Русский вариант

March 2011GTMarch_2011

  • Chronicle by Michelle Reid, Chief Executive
    of TPAS England
  • Affordable rental housing for the Young
    - IUT theme 2011
  • Sweden, and housing for the young
  • Finland, with good housing for all?
  • Living in Paris
  • Polish tenants unite!
  • Housing in Spain, and about FAVIBC
  • MVÍ, Austria, 1911-2011
  • CTO, tenants in Cleveland, Ohio USA
  • Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • New book on rental housing and tenants
    in Russia
  • Victoria, Australia, from TUV Melbourne
  • UK tenants lack the force of tenants┤ voice on mass

    GT March 2011, ENG, in pdf
    Version franšais
    Русский вариант


November  2010GTomslagNov2010

  • Chronicle by IUT President S. Bergenstrňhle
  • Death of Social Housing in England?
  • Report from IUT congress in Prague
  • Housing for an ageing generation
  • Follow up on the 'Dutch case'
  • Evictions in Kenya
  • At what Cost? Reflection by an Aussi tenant
  • Stark contrasts in Latvia
  • Housing in Croatia
  • Revitalizing social housing in Hungary
  • Karl Marx Hof 80 years, and Notices

    GT November 2010, ENG, in pdf
    Version franšais
    Русский вариант


May 2010OmslagGT_maj

  • Greetings from Russia!
  • Spaced out in the UK
  • IUT congress in Prague
  • Congress theme: Affordable housing,
    does such exist? Facts & figures
  • Snapshots from Australia
  • EU, its Commission and its cases
  • EU and Urban Intergroup
  • Poland, and new threatening laws
  • Albania, a country in transition
  • Switzerland, from Geneva and ZŘrich
  • and Notices

    GT May 2010, ENG, in pdf
    Version franšais
    Русский вариант



December 2009

  • Chronicle; Magnus Hammar; Tunnel vision and my top 5
  • IUT congress 2010, in Prague
  • Report from International Tenants Day 2009, in Brussels
  • London, one of Europes┤ most expensive cities
  • Right to Housing in France, South Africa and in Scotland
  • Croatia
  • Australia, NSW; Ending tenancies
  • Australia, tenant protection in Tasmania 
  • Macedonia, in the heart of the Balkans

    GT December 2009 in pdf
    In French, en franšais


September 2009OmslagGTSept2009


  • Chronicle: Social housing in a true social Europe
  • Denmark, and LLO
  • IUT Brussels, and the EU
  • Tenant's Milestones, and new Ç available for housing
  • Housing on the UN agenda
  • Cautious optimism in the USA
  • French tenants facing harder times
  • DMB, the voice of German tenants
  • Japan, and illegal renewal fees
  • Poland, with a housing legacy from WW II

GT September 2009 in pdf
In French, en franšais


April 2009


  • Chronicle: Freedom to choose - for a few
  • Financial crises ad effects on rental housing
  • NL: Woonbond signs energy contract
  • Canada: Olympic effects
  • US tenants movement and NAHT
  • Ireland, with few tenants
  • New Zealand
  • Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Tanzania, and IUT Focal Point in Africa
  • Feantsa vs. Slovenia
  • China and affordable housing
  • KFTRA, England
  • England, a new tenant's voice and TSA.

       GT April 2009 in pdf



December 2008OmslagGTdecember2008


  • Chronicle: Time of Crisis or Opportunities
  • Tenants┤ Day in the EU Parliament
  • Scotland and the Right to Housing
  • Italy and increasing homelessness
  • Hong Kong
  • Living in Murmansk, Russia
  • Polish tenants take to the streets
  • Australia; Youth homelessness
  • South Africa, Rehabilitation of social housing
  • Istanbul, Turkey
  • Nairobi, being a tenant in Nairobi
  • England: dark clouds over social housing
  • Norway: High costs of living

    GT December 2008 in pdf


September 2008GTSept2008


  • Build affordable housing now!              
  • News from IUT EU liaison office in Brussels       
  • San Francisco and housing battle
  • TAROE England
  • Canada - Vancouver
  • Slovakia, with hardly any rentals
  • Brussels, capital of Europe
  • Sweden, with rental housing at crossroads
  • Australia, will the new government improve housing?

    GT September 2008 in pdf

April 2008


  • Chronicle: IUT in the capital of Europe
  • Sitting Tenants in CEE-region
  • Poland, Nowa Huta and its residents
  • Latvia: transition with high human costs
  • Macedonia
  • Seamy side of Brussels
  • Norway, where rental housing is overlooked
  • Tenants in N.Y. Harlem
  • Mexico City
  • Liberia, a country of renters
  • Fuel poverty in the UK

    GT April 2008 in pdf


November 2007

Theme: IUT Congress
  • Chronicle: Alexandra Pascalidou
    "Ownership does not always make you happier"
  • Success story from Holland
  • Italy: Not a crime to occupy an empty dwelling
  • Canada: Lack of affordable housing
  • "Young adults" in Sweden care about their future
  • Brasilia - one of it's kind!
  • Massive campaign by Swedish Union of Tenants.
  • IUT Congress in Berlin, September 20-23
  • Switzerland: No 1, but there are shortcomings!

    GT November 2007 in pdf


June 2007

Theme: Russia
and Privatisation of Rental Housing
  • Chronicle: A better life in Russia for my son
    by Prof. Yelena Shomina, Moscow
  • Article: Housing in Moscow
  • Germany: Peoples┤s initiative saved municipal housing
  • New leadership in the DMB, Germany
  • Stockholm┤s new political majority sells the public housing stock
  • How to prevent further riots in Paris
  • Wales, U.K., seeks to transfer its housing stock
  • South Africa; Abused women and children find shelter
  • About IUT Congress 2007, and notices

    GT June 2007 in pdf


January 2007

Theme: Australia
  • Penny Carr, TUQ: Outdated tenancy laws in Australia
  • Prof. Terry Burke: Australian housing in context
  • Weak security of tenure in Australia
  • Canberra, ACT
  • Western Australia, TAS
  • Victoria, TUV
  • Queensland and 20 years of tenant protection
  • Shortcomings in Australian housing conditions; UN Special Rapporteur
  • About IUT Congress 2007, and notices

    January 2007 in pdf


September 2006

Theme: Stop Evictions
  • Chronicle: Mr C. Sommaruga ASLOCA
  • IUT/IAI Statement on Evictions
  • UN Rapporteur on Adequate Housing:
    Forced evictions are gross violation
  • Croatian tenants being evicted
  • Reports on evictions in Europe
  • Riots in Paris
  • Finland: Central Union of Tenants
  • UN World Urban Forum III
  • Life in a kommunalka, S:t Petersburg
  • Uganda and privatisation
  • New Literature

    GT September 2006 in pdf


April 2006

  • The EU has no housing policy, or?
  • Present EU cases on housing
  • operating costs in Germany
  • Housing Act in England
  • A letter from Poland.
  • New Jersey tenants still fighting!
  • Illinois Tenants Union
  • Arizona tenants fight club
  • Rents in the Big Apple
  • NFTMO - tenant management in the UK
  • Norwegian Somalis

GT April 2006 in pdf



December 2005

Theme: IUT 80 years
  • The beginning...
  • History of the tenant movement in
    - Great Britain
    - Austria
    - Sweden
    - US
    - from Germany, Norway, Denmark, Czech Rep. and France
  • Org. of Civic Rights, South Africa - new IUT member
  • Housing problems in Brussels
  • 6-fold rent increases in Krakow, Poland
  • InfoCentre, Belgrade Serbia.

GT December 2005 in pdf


August 2005

  • ASB and actions in the Netherlands
  • Housing renovation in Canada
  • Tenants in Tanzania
  • Eroded tenement houses in Budapest
  • Is there a future for Dutch social housing?
  • New Zealand: 1000 new state homes.
  • German Tenants┤Association manages to negotiate for shorter notice to quit!
  • Serbia, country and housing in transition.
  • Romania and a review of the housing market.
  • Notices: Hong Kong, Sweden, Argentina, Australia and Poland.

GT August 2005 in pdf


March  2005

Theme: Anti Social Behaviour -ASB
  • What is ASB?
  • ASB in England and elsewhere
  • ASB observation in France
  • IUT CEE in Ljubljana
  • Housing on the EU agenda?
  • Housing in Latvia
  • South Korea
  • IUT and the Council of Europe
  • Vienna combats segregation
  • IUT and the Housing Ministers meeting in Prague
    Notices from Tanzania, Serbia and Germany

GT March 2005 in pdf-file






Global Tenant


International Union of Tenants

Tenants United - participation across borders