March 2017


Magnus says "Farewell and goodbye"

Airbnb and how it affects our homes and neighbourhoods

Housing in Norway
IUT Nordic members meet in Stockholm
Berlin, a city of renters
Catalonia, and the need for balanced housing tenure.  
Social housing under pressure in Vienna
Dutch tenants protest against social
housing tax
Russsia, it's all about homeownership
Australia, where tenants yell for change
Scotland, housing rights in practise

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November 2016


Theme: IUTs' 20th congress

Scotland as a role model
Czech Republic and a law on social housing
Catalonia, A Spanish speciality
IUT congress statement , on rent control
Five young organizations: Generation Rent,
Dublin Tenant Association, Crown Heights Tenant Union and Alla Ska Kunna Bo Kvar
The Swiss sign for more affordable
Sweden; reasonable rents benefit society
International Tenants Day in Canberra, AUS

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April 2016


CoverGTapril2016 Chronicle: More affordable homes needed
in Denmark, by Claus H÷jte

Privatizing UK social housing won't work -
just look at Europe!
Preventing unhealthy housing is a gain for society.
EU news from Brussels.
Preparing for Habitat III, in Quito.
CNL, France, 100 years.
A clearing in the sky of Canada and Quebec.
Nepal Tenants Union.
Let's talk public housing in Niagara Falls and in the U.S.
USA - and how housing has become unaffordable.
No utopia in the Australian Northern Territory.
Tenants Union NSW, AUS, 40 years.
New Zealand: Working for better rental housing.

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January 2016


Chronicle, the German rent brake  omslagGT_jan_2016
The market will not solve the housing
The EU, challenges of social housing in
The Swedish Model
AUS, NSW: tenants' bond money
AUS, WA: Need for housing reforms
Catalonia, Spain
Slovenia and housing rights
South Africa, and tenant's rights
Bosnia & Herzegovina
UNECE, on social housing
Habitat III
USA: Airbnb, NY housing plan
Switzerland, Swiss tenants 100 year

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          September 2015

          Contents: GTsept_2015
  • Chronicle: Woonbond 25 years
  • Rental housing situation in England 
  • Flanders, Belgium
  • Brussels, and lack of affordable homes
  • Switzerland, rental housing shortage
  • A view from Wales
  • Rent control in Paris
  • Ireland, and the private rental sector
  • Victoria, AUS
  • Toronto, CAN
  • Gentrification in New York
  • Rent Freeze in NY
  • IUT congress, first notice

 GT September 2015  pdf
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           April 2015


  • Chronicle: Norway, housing and the EUGTapril_web
  • Tenure neutrlity, by S. Bergenstrňhle
  • ERHIN, and responsible housing
  • Australia news
  • San-Francisco
  • Poland, and social housing
  • Croatia and energy renovation
  • Scotland. TIS and scuritiny
  • Northern Ireland
  • Liberia and rental housing
  • Ulan-Ude in Siberia, Russia
  • Germany, and rent caps

  GT April 2015  pdf
          Edition franšaispdf
    Русский вариант pdf

December 2014


  • Chronicle by Barbara Steenbergen:
    GTcoverDec2014"Building bridges in Europe"   
  • The Netherlands, and debate on social
  • Tenant┤s Day 2014  - report
  • TAROE, England
  • Vienna with growing housing costs
  • TPAS Scotland
  • Geneva UN Charter on Sustainable Housing
  • NY, Crown Heights Tenants Union
  • South Korea and "jeonse"
  • Australia and boarding houses
  • Tony┤s Story

    GT December 2014  pdf
    Edition franšais  pdf
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September 2014


  • Chronicle by Milan Taraba, SON
  • Europe┤s voters moved towards
    the political fringes
  • TPAS England
  • Generation Rent, England                     
  • Polish rent-mirror
  • Sweden: housing uproar
  • Capped rents in Germany
  • SHOUT-campaign for social housing
  • Greetings from New-Zealand
  • Australian tenants fined
  • Rental housing Latin America
  • USA - rise of a renter nation   
  • Harvard University works with IUT

    GT September 2014 pdf
    Edition franšais pdf
    Русский вариант pdf

April 2014

Theme: EU elections

  • Chronicle by Magnus Hammar:
    The elections  - whether you like it or not
  • Housing on the EU agenda
  • Strengthen tenant┤s voices in Brussels
  • IUT Tenant Milestones
  • ERHIN project, responsible housing
  • Housing in Quebec, Canada
  • Paris and London - tale of two cities
  • Renting in Macedonia
  • News from Australia
  • Do governments invest in rental housing?
  • FAVIBC, Spain, 25 years

    GT April 2014 in pdf

    Edition franšais in pdf
    Русский вариант in pdf


December 2013


  • Chronicle by Barbro Engman, SUT Sweden
  • Housing in the Nordic countries
  • IUT congress - report
  • Housing -  a headache for Europe?
  • Norway relies on private rentals
  • Denmark with self-governed tenant
  • Iceland┤s rental market
  • The Swedish model, up till now
  • Finland, and a growing rental sector
  • Scotland where 'bedroom tax' hits tenants
  • News from IUT Brussels

GT December 2013 in pdf
Edition franšais in pdf
Русский вариант in pdf


April 2013


  • Chronicle by Serge I. Formentini, CNL
  • The right to housing, and tenure neutrality
    by Sven Bergenstrňhle
  • IUT five years in Brussels
  • Switzerland - a tenant┤s paradise?
  • Social housing in Ireland
  • CECODHAS 25 years
  • Tenure neutrality
  • Tenant advocacy in NSW Australia
  • Latvia and restitution
  • Emergence of tenant┤s union in NSW
  • Regulated rental markets
    improve housing conditions!
  • India┤s rental market

    GT April 2013 in pdf
    Edition franšais
    Русский вариант

December 2012

  • Where to for Australian tenancy laws
  • Third attack on the European social housing - France
  • Australia and the great dream                       
  • IUT members in Australia
  • Tenants need to be at the table!
  • IUT at the 6th World Urban Forum
  • Naples, Italy
  • New York
  • Scotland: Universal credit
  • What┤s IUT been up to?
  • USA, Seattle: Healthy Housing
  • Kvasnevskis vs. Latvia

GT December 2012 in pdf
Edition franšais
Русский вариант

July 2012

13 IUT arguments for Rental Housing
  • Chronicle: Everyone's right to housing -
    what does it take?GTJuly2012
    By Nadja Shah, MVÍ Austria
  • Every modern society needs a rental
    market, by Sven Bergenstrňhle
  • 13 IUT arguments for rental housing
  • Energy, tenants - news from Brussels
  • Slovakia, and a marginalised rental sector  
  • Security of tenure in Victoria, Australia
  • Mixed tenure in Vienna
  • Salzburg housing fund
  • Chicago, a city of renters
  • Notices, new publications
  • IUT goes to Naples and WWUF 6

    GT July 2012, in pdf
    Edition franšais
    Русский вариант


Tenant Participation

  • Chronicle: Tenant Participation in ScotlandOmslagGTmarch_2012
    By Lesley Baird, TPAS Scotland
  • Tenant participation across Europe
  • TP in New South Wales, Australia
  • Concept of TP in Canada
  • Germany and TP             
  • Sweden, where tenants set the rents
  • England and TP
  • TP across France
  • TP, the Italian way
  • Hong Kong and TP
  • Russia, and lack of housing for the Young
  • World Urban Forum VI in Naples
  • EU points at lack of affordable housing

    GT March 2012, in pdf
    Edition franšais
    Русский вариант



November 2011

  • Chronicle: Magnus Hammar
    'Young Adults matter, here and there'GTnovOmslagwegGT
  • U.K; What future for social housing?
  • Report from Tenant┤s Day in Brussels
    Little action on housing for young people
  • IUT protests against evictions in the UK
  • Housing and the EU - current issues
  • Norway goes for homeownership
  • Provivienda, housing solution in Spain
  • Private rental sector, increased importance
  • Stockholm protests against privatisations
  • Canada, Toronto, ground zero for renters
  • Japan coping with disasters
  • South Africa with a an aspiration to
    house all

    GT November 2011 in pdf
    Edition franšais
    Русский вариант


July 2011                                                                     

Theme: Young Adults and Housing
  • Chronicle by Heidrun Clausen, DMB
    'German youths need new and fairGTJuly
  • Young adults┤rights to housing of thier own, by Sven Bergenstrňhle             
  • USA: Renewed importance of
    rental housing
  • Japan, and young adults
  • Scotland, with a right-to-housing
    by 2012
  • Canada, no-fault policy on bed-bugs
  • Armenia, suffering from political
    and nature disasters
  • Bulgaria, with a long tradition of
  • Australia, Canberra
  • New Zealand and demand for rentals
  • Croatian Union of Tenants, 20 years
  • Czech Republic deregulates rents
  • International Tenants┤ Day

    GT July 2011, ENG, in pdf
    Version franšais
    Русский вариант

March 2011GTMarch_2011

  • Chronicle by Michelle Reid, Chief Executive
    of TPAS England
  • Affordable rental housing for the Young
    - IUT theme 2011
  • Sweden, and housing for the young
  • Finland, with good housing for all?
  • Living in Paris
  • Polish tenants unite!
  • Housing in Spain, and about FAVIBC
  • MVÍ, Austria, 1911-2011
  • CTO, tenants in Cleveland, Ohio USA
  • Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • New book on rental housing and tenants
    in Russia
  • Victoria, Australia, from TUV Melbourne
  • UK tenants lack the force of tenants┤ voice on mass

    GT March 2011, ENG, in pdf
    Version franšais
    Русский вариант


November  2010GTomslagNov2010

  • Chronicle by IUT President S. Bergenstrňhle
  • Death of Social Housing in England?
  • Report from IUT congress in Prague
  • Housing for an ageing generation
  • Follow up on the 'Dutch case'
  • Evictions in Kenya
  • At what Cost? Reflection by an Aussi tenant
  • Stark contrasts in Latvia
  • Housing in Croatia
  • Revitalizing social housing in Hungary
  • Karl Marx Hof 80 years, and Notices

    GT November 2010, ENG, in pdf
    Version franšais
    Русский вариант


May 2010OmslagGT_maj

  • Greetings from Russia!
  • Spaced out in the UK
  • IUT congress in Prague
  • Congress theme: Affordable housing,
    does such exist? Facts & figures
  • Snapshots from Australia
  • EU, its Commission and its cases
  • EU and Urban Intergroup
  • Poland, and new threatening laws
  • Albania, a country in transition
  • Switzerland, from Geneva and ZŘrich
  • and Notices

    GT May 2010, ENG, in pdf
    Version franšais
    Русский вариант



December 2009

  • Chronicle; Magnus Hammar; Tunnel vision and my top 5
  • IUT congress 2010, in Prague
  • Report from International Tenants Day 2009, in Brussels
  • London, one of Europes┤ most expensive cities
  • Right to Housing in France, South Africa and in Scotland
  • Croatia
  • Australia, NSW; Ending tenancies
  • Australia, tenant protection in Tasmania 
  • Macedonia, in the heart of the Balkans

    GT December 2009 in pdf
    In French, en franšais


September 2009OmslagGTSept2009


  • Chronicle: Social housing in a true social Europe
  • Denmark, and LLO
  • IUT Brussels, and the EU
  • Tenant's Milestones, and new Ç available for housing
  • Housing on the UN agenda
  • Cautious optimism in the USA
  • French tenants facing harder times
  • DMB, the voice of German tenants
  • Japan, and illegal renewal fees
  • Poland, with a housing legacy from WW II

GT September 2009 in pdf
In French, en franšais


April 2009


  • Chronicle: Freedom to choose - for a few
  • Financial crises ad effects on rental housing
  • NL: Woonbond signs energy contract
  • Canada: Olympic effects
  • US tenants movement and NAHT
  • Ireland, with few tenants
  • New Zealand
  • Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Tanzania, and IUT Focal Point in Africa
  • Feantsa vs. Slovenia
  • China and affordable housing
  • KFTRA, England
  • England, a new tenant's voice and TSA.

       GT April 2009 in pdf



December 2008OmslagGTdecember2008


  • Chronicle: Time of Crisis or Opportunities
  • Tenants┤ Day in the EU Parliament
  • Scotland and the Right to Housing
  • Italy and increasing homelessness
  • Hong Kong
  • Living in Murmansk, Russia
  • Polish tenants take to the streets
  • Australia; Youth homelessness
  • South Africa, Rehabilitation of social housing
  • Istanbul, Turkey
  • Nairobi, being a tenant in Nairobi
  • England: dark clouds over social housing
  • Norway: High costs of living

    GT December 2008 in pdf


September 2008GTSept2008


  • Build affordable housing now!              
  • News from IUT EU liaison office in Brussels       
  • San Francisco and housing battle
  • TAROE England
  • Canada - Vancouver
  • Slovakia, with hardly any rentals
  • Brussels, capital of Europe
  • Sweden, with rental housing at crossroads
  • Australia, will the new government improve housing?

    GT September 2008 in pdf

April 2008


  • Chronicle: IUT in the capital of Europe
  • Sitting Tenants in CEE-region
  • Poland, Nowa Huta and its residents
  • Latvia: transition with high human costs
  • Macedonia
  • Seamy side of Brussels
  • Norway, where rental housing is overlooked
  • Tenants in N.Y. Harlem
  • Mexico City
  • Liberia, a country of renters
  • Fuel poverty in the UK

    GT April 2008 in pdf


November 2007

Theme: IUT Congress
  • Chronicle: Alexandra Pascalidou
    "Ownership does not always make you happier"
  • Success story from Holland
  • Italy: Not a crime to occupy an empty dwelling
  • Canada: Lack of affordable housing
  • "Young adults" in Sweden care about their future
  • Brasilia - one of it's kind!
  • Massive campaign by Swedish Union of Tenants.
  • IUT Congress in Berlin, September 20-23
  • Switzerland: No 1, but there are shortcomings!

    GT November 2007 in pdf


June 2007

Theme: Russia
and Privatisation of Rental Housing
  • Chronicle: A better life in Russia for my son
    by Prof. Yelena Shomina, Moscow
  • Article: Housing in Moscow
  • Germany: Peoples┤s initiative saved municipal housing
  • New leadership in the DMB, Germany
  • Stockholm┤s new political majority sells the public housing stock
  • How to prevent further riots in Paris
  • Wales, U.K., seeks to transfer its housing stock
  • South Africa; Abused women and children find shelter
  • About IUT Congress 2007, and notices

    GT June 2007 in pdf


January 2007

Theme: Australia
  • Penny Carr, TUQ: Outdated tenancy laws in Australia
  • Prof. Terry Burke: Australian housing in context
  • Weak security of tenure in Australia
  • Canberra, ACT
  • Western Australia, TAS
  • Victoria, TUV
  • Queensland and 20 years of tenant protection
  • Shortcomings in Australian housing conditions; UN Special Rapporteur
  • About IUT Congress 2007, and notices

    January 2007 in pdf


September 2006

Theme: Stop Evictions
  • Chronicle: Mr C. Sommaruga ASLOCA
  • IUT/IAI Statement on Evictions
  • UN Rapporteur on Adequate Housing:
    Forced evictions are gross violation
  • Croatian tenants being evicted
  • Reports on evictions in Europe
  • Riots in Paris
  • Finland: Central Union of Tenants
  • UN World Urban Forum III
  • Life in a kommunalka, S:t Petersburg
  • Uganda and privatisation
  • New Literature

    GT September 2006 in pdf


April 2006

  • The EU has no housing policy, or?
  • Present EU cases on housing
  • operating costs in Germany
  • Housing Act in England
  • A letter from Poland.
  • New Jersey tenants still fighting!
  • Illinois Tenants Union
  • Arizona tenants fight club
  • Rents in the Big Apple
  • NFTMO - tenant management in the UK
  • Norwegian Somalis

GT April 2006 in pdf



December 2005

Theme: IUT 80 years
  • The beginning...
  • History of the tenant movement in
    - Great Britain
    - Austria
    - Sweden
    - US
    - from Germany, Norway, Denmark, Czech Rep. and France
  • Org. of Civic Rights, South Africa - new IUT member
  • Housing problems in Brussels
  • 6-fold rent increases in Krakow, Poland
  • InfoCentre, Belgrade Serbia.

GT December 2005 in pdf


August 2005

  • ASB and actions in the Netherlands
  • Housing renovation in Canada
  • Tenants in Tanzania
  • Eroded tenement houses in Budapest
  • Is there a future for Dutch social housing?
  • New Zealand: 1000 new state homes.
  • German Tenants┤Association manages to negotiate for shorter notice to quit!
  • Serbia, country and housing in transition.
  • Romania and a review of the housing market.
  • Notices: Hong Kong, Sweden, Argentina, Australia and Poland.

GT August 2005 in pdf


March  2005

Theme: Anti Social Behaviour -ASB
  • What is ASB?
  • ASB in England and elsewhere
  • ASB observation in France
  • IUT CEE in Ljubljana
  • Housing on the EU agenda?
  • Housing in Latvia
  • South Korea
  • IUT and the Council of Europe
  • Vienna combats segregation
  • IUT and the Housing Ministers meeting in Prague
    Notices from Tanzania, Serbia and Germany

GT March 2005 in pdf-file






Global Tenant


International Union of Tenants

Tenants United - participation across borders