Facts and figures on housing needs in the EU according to IUT and CECODHAS, 2014 pdf








IUT literature

  • "Active Ageing and Intergenerational Solidarity The Role of Housing, 2012 pdf

  • Affordable housing for all - policy implications of shrinking budgets, 2011 pdf

  • Changing lifestyles, changing climate – the role of housing in the EU, 2010 pdf

Housing statistics from the EU

  • Annual Growth Survey, 2014 pdf

  • Housing statistics from Eurostat

  • Annual Growth Survey, 2013 pdf

  • Annual Growth Survey, 2012 pdf

  • Third European Quality of Life Survey 2012  Quality of Life in Europe: Impacts of the crisis. pdf

  • Housing Affordability in the EU,
    Extract from Eurobarometer 2011 pdf

  • Housing Statistics in the EU, 2010 pdf

  • Housing Conditions in Europe in 2009 pdf

  • Second European Quality of Life Survey 2009, chapter 5 on housing pdf

  • First European Quality of Life Survey - Social dimensions on housing, 2006 pdf

  • Housing Statistics in the EU, 2005/2006 pdf

Housing, consumer, reports from the EU

  • The Housing Sector in Europe and Household Consumption long-term and during the crisis, from RICS, 2013 pdf

  • The Eurosystem Household Finance and Consumption Survey, ECB 2013 pdf

  • Social situation in the EU 2009, chapter 3 on Housing and Social Inclusion pdf

  • Eurostat Report: The social situation in the EU 2009.  (Chapter 3: Housing in the EU) pdf

  • Europe in Figures Eurostat yearbook 2009.
    6. Living conditions and welfare, incl. housing)
    pdf 20 Mb pdf

  • L’Europe en chiffres, L’annuaire d’Eurostat 2009
    Les conditions de vie et le bien-être, incl. le logement) pdf 20 Mb pdf

  • Europa in Zahlen, Eurostat Jahrbuch 2009.
    Lebensbedingungen und Wohlfahrt, incl
    Wohnen) pdf 20 Mb pdf

  • Consumers in Europe, Eurostat Statistical Yearbook 2009. (Chapter 4. Housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels) pdf 12 Mb pdf



  • Housing Markets and Structural Policies in OECD Countries, Jan. 2011   pdf

  • Improving the Flexibility of the Dutch Housing Market to Enhance Labour Mobility, by OECD pdf

  • OECD Housing and the Economy, 2010 pdf

  • A bird´s eye view of OECD Housing Markets, 2010. pdf

World Bank

  • Rental Housing: Lessons from International Experience and Policies for Emerging Markets, 2013, by Ira Gary Peppercorn and Claude Taffin pdf

European Housing Review, from RICS

  • The European Housing Review, by RICS 2011 pdf

  • Housing costs and consumer spending in Europe, and rents up the most in new EU member states, report from RICS Nov. 2, 2011 pdf

  • Household consumption, from a European perspective, by RICS, October 2011  pdf

  • RICS, European Housing Review 2010 pdf


Housing Europe Review, from Housing Europe

  • The State of Housing in the EU, 2015 pdf (9 Mb)
    or download via

  • Housing Europe Review 2012, by CECODHAS pdf

  • CECODHAS: Housing Europe 2007
    Review of social, co-operative and public housing in the 27 European states.  in pdf

  • Housing Affordability in the EU - current situation and recent trends, by Cecodhas 2012 pdf



UN Special Rapporteur on adequate housing

  • Report of the Special Rapporteur on adequate housing In the present report, the Special Rapporteur on adequate housing builds on the findings of her previous report (A/67/286) and analyses two alternative housing policies — rental and collective housing — that can play a key role in the promotion of the enjoyment of the right to adequate housing for those living in poverty.
    Aug. 2013.


  • A policy Guide to Rental Housing in Developing Countries, 2011 pdf

  • Rental Housing - An essential option for the urban poor in developing countries, UN Habitat 2003 pdf


UN ECE Committee on Housing and Land Management

  • UN ECE Country Profile on the Housing Sector
    - Tajikistan, 2011
    - Kyrgizstan, 2010
    - Azerbajan, 2010
    - Belarus, 2008

  • The relationship between Population and Housing
    from the UN ECE, 2010 pdf

  • Energy: Green homes; towards energy-effecient housing in the UN ECE region, 2009 pdf

  • UN-ECE Guidelines on Social Housing, 2006
    Principles and examples. The Guidelines address the institutional, legal and economic frameworks for social housing and experiences with social housing design, in the ECE region. The guidelines gives the history of social housing in Western Europe and the development of social housing in countries in transition, and the privatisation processes. pdf

  • Guidelines on Condominium Ownership of Housing for countries in transition.
    UN ECE 2003 pdf

Council of Europe

  • Housing policy and vulnerable social groups, 2008
    This report was the outcome of a two-year project carried out by a group of specialists, whose objective was to take stock of existing work in the field of social housing for vulnerable groups.
    Published by: Council of Europe Publishing


Security of Tenure

  • Landlords in Europe, from International Union of European Property Owners (UIPI), 2013.
    A comparative analysis of 12 countries. pdf

  • Security of Tenure in Social Housing, an international review, May 2011 pdf


Tenant participation

  • Resident involvement in social housing in the UK and Europe, 2012 pdf


Housing Affordability

  • Housing Review 2015, by Habitat for Humanity
    Europe, incl the CEE region and former Soviet republics. pdf

  • Enhancing affordable rental housing investment via an intermediary and guarantee , AHURI 2014
    J. Lawson, M. Berry, C. Hamilton and H. Pawson pdf

  • Innovative Financing of Affordable Housing, International and UK perspectives, 2013 pdf

  • International Housing Affordability Survey 2012 pdf

  • Housing Affordability in the EU - current situation and recent trends, by Cecodhas 2012 pdf

  • Housing Affordability, Eurostat 2009 pdf

Housing and Integration

  • Immigrants Housing, and Urban Renewal in Vienna’s Ottakring , by Blair Schaeffer 2009 pdf

  • Housing and Integration of migrants in Europe
    European Found. for the improvement of living and working conditions, Council of Europe 2007 pdf

Housing and Health

  • Environmental health inequalities in Europe
    by WHO Europe, 2012
    Chapter 2
    on Housing-related inequalities pdf

  • Environmental Health Inequalities in Europe, implications for housing and health, by Matthias Braubach WHO (2012) pdf

  • Environmental burden of disease associated with inadequate housing, by WHO Europe 2011 pdf

Financing housing

  • Financing social housing after the financial crises from Cecodhas, 2010 pdf

  • Financing Social Housing in Europe
    By UN Habitat, Oxley, 2009 pdf

  • International trends in housing tenure and mortgage finance, by K. Scanlon and C. Whitehead, 2004  pdf


Various titles

  • Inadequate housing in Europe: Costs and consequences, 2016, 115 pages
    This report aims to improve understanding of the true cost of inadequate housing to EU Member States and to suggest policy initiatives that might help address its social and financial consequences. 
    Published by Eurofund  pdf

  • Housing Review 2015
    Housing review of 15 countries in Europe and Central Asia
    , by Habitat for Humanity: Full report pdf

  • The Real Estate Professions and National Housing Housing markets in the EU by CEPI (European Council of Real Estate Professions) 2013.
    An overview of the practice and regulation of the real estate professions and the characteristics of national housing markets.

  • Where the other half lives - Lower Income Housing in a Neoliberal World
    Edited by; Sarah Glynn
    Published by Pluto Books, 2009, 340 pages
    ISBN: 978 0 7453 2857 7, paperback
    order from    Leaflet

  • International Trends in Housing and Policy Responses, by J. Lawson and V. Milligan.
    From AHURI 2007  pdf

  • Management of Privatised Housing
    Policies and practises in the East and West, by Gruis, Nieboer and Tsenkova, 2007  pdf

  • Social dimensions of housing - First European Quality of Life Survey, 2006
    Produced by: European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions.
    This report explores quality of life in the context of housing conditions. (1 Mb)  pdf

  • The impact of housing market institutions on labour mobility; a European cross-country comparison
    Authors: T. de Graaff, M. van Leuvensteijn pdf

  • Housing Tenure and Labour Mobility: a comparison across European Countries, 2006.
    Published by Banc of Spain  pdf

Housing & Population

  • The relationship between Population and Housing
    By the UN ECE, 2010 pdf (in EN and RU)

Social Housing

  • The state of social housing in six Caribbean countries
    By the IDB, Inter-American Development Bank, 2016  pdf

  • Social Housing in Germany, 2015
    Experiences and current issues pdf

  • Social Housing in Europe
    K. Scanlon, M. Fernández, C. Whitehead
    for Sieps, Sweden, 2015 pdf

  • Financing of social housing
    Study of six European countries, 2013 pdf

  • Social Housing in the EU, 2013
    from European Parliament pdf

  • We need to build more homes - just don't make them social housing...The Telegraph 2013 pdf

  • EU rethinks role of social housing, and gradually recognises key role of social housing
    , 2011 pdf

  • Housing Europe Review, CECODHAS 2012
    The nuts and bolts of European social housing systems pdf

  • Financing Social Housing in Europe
    By UN Habitat, Oxley, 2009 pdf

  • Bridging the gap between social- and market rental housing, by Haffner, Hoekstra, Oxley and van der Heijde, 2009 pdf

  • History of social housing in France, the Netherlands and Austria, 1889-2008 pdf

  • Social Housing in Europe (II)
    A Review of Policies and Outcomes
    Edited by K. Scanlon & C. Whitehead
    Published by: London School of Economics and Political Science, 2008

  • Social Housing in Europe (I)
    Edited by K. Scanlon & C. Whitehead, 2007  pdf

  • Visions for social housing - international perspectives
    Edited by
    J. Cowans and Prof. D. Maclennan
    Published by: The Smith Institute, 2008
    Covers countries: England, Australia, US, N-Z, Canada, Ireland and the Netherlands   pdf

  • Review of Social, co-operative and public housing in the EU 27, CECODHAS 2007 pdf

  • Housing policy and vulnerable social groups, 2008
    This report was the outcome of a two-year project carried out by a group of specialists, whose objective was to take stock of existing work in the field of social housing for vulnerable groups. It complements the report on access to social rights in Europe (2002) and is an integral part of the Council of Europe's Social Cohesion Strategy.
    Published by: Council of Europe Publishing

  • An Introduction to Social Housing (in England)
    2nd Edition 2005, 270 pages
    Author: Paul Reeves
    ISBN: 0 7506 63936

  • France: Financing Social Housing
    by J.P. Schaefer, 2003 pdf


Private rental

  • Who lives in the (English) Private Rental Sector, By BSHF 2013 pdf

  • The private rented sector in the new century – a comparative approach.
    The study examines the role of regulation in the private rented sector across 11 European countries.
    Summary: pdf

    Whole report: pdf

  • Investing in private renting
    Landlord returns, taxation and the future of the private rented sector

    A Report for the Residential Landlords Association Michael Ball, September, 2011

  • Towards a sustainable private rental sector - lessons from other countries, LSE London 2011 pdf

  • Balance between landlord and tenant?
    A comparison of the rent regulation in the private
    rental sector in five countries, 2007; France, The Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and England
    Authors: M. Haffner, M. Elsinga, J. Hoekstra pdf

  • The Private Rented Sector in the 21st Century
    From Threshold/St Pancras Housing Association
    Published 2000 pdf


Youth - Young Adults - Students

  • Costly student accommodation in Europe, 2013 pdf

  • State of the Urban Youth 2012/2013, by UN pdf

  • European student housing survey, 2013 pdf

  • IUT paper, for Tenant´s Day 2011, the Facts pdf

  • IUT paper, Affordable Housing for the Young - Make it happen now! 2011 pdf

  • Report from Tenant´s Day 2011 pdf

  • Extract from Global Tenant, Nov. 2011 pdf

  • Young EU adults live with their parent(-s), from Eurostat 2010 pdf

  • EU Youth Report, 2009 pdf

  • Young Europeans, An EU survey among young people aged between 15-30 in the EU, 2007 pdf

Rent Control etc

  • The new rent control regulation in Paris: analysis of the measures, Oct 2015 pdf

  • Rent control is like a minimum wage for tenants! Read argumentation why the 'free-market' will probably never solve the housing crisis,
    Oct. 15, 2015

  • Rent caps bring world of difference across major cities, July 9 2015 pdf

  • Berlin Imposes Rent Caps - as World's Most Desirable Cities Become 'Gated Communities',
    June 4 2015 pdf

  • Rent Control! Make Our Cities Affordable! By Kshama Sawant, March 3 2015 pdf

  • Rent regulation - is regulation the reason why private renting is more common in some countries than others? From ENHR conference 2011  pdf



  • Boendesituationen i Europa (Housing situation in Europe) in Swedish from Statistics Sweden, pdf
    but with summary and explanations of tables in English. 2011.


  • Towards a sustainable private rental sector, 2011  Lessons from other countries, from LSE London  pdf

  • The Housing Report, 2011, by CIH, Shelter and National Housing Federation. pdf

  • London Housing Strategy, City of London
    May 2009 pdf 


  • Italy: Leaving home and housing prices. The  pdf experience of Italian youth emancipation, 2011



  • Human Settlements in Switzerland, 2006 pdf
    Published by the Swiss Federal Office for Housing


Scandinavia / Nordic countries

  • Analyse av Nordisk Husleielovgivning,
    Oxford Research 2011 pdf

  • Housing and housing policy in the Nordic Countries 2004, 328 pages
    Published by the Nordic Council of Ministers:
    Edited by Mr Martti Lujanen
    ISBN: 92-893-1027-8, or contact IUT Secretariat

The Netherlands

  • Improving the Flexibility of the Dutch Housing Market to Enhance Labour Mobility, by OECD pdf


CEE region

  • Homeowners Associations in the Former Soviet Union, from IHC 2012 pdf

  • Trends and Progress in Housing Reforms in South Eastern Europe, by Sasha Tsenkova
    Published by the Council of Europe Development Bank, 2005   pdf

  • Rental Choice and Housing Policy Realignment in Transition: Post-privatization Challenges in the Europe and Central Asia Region.
    World Bank 2005

  • Too poor to Move, too poor to Stay
    A report on Housing in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Serbia. 2004 pdf

  • Housing in South Eastern Europe solving a puzzle of challenges
    Council of Europe Development & Bank The World Bank 2003



  • Out of Reach, report from the National Low Income Housing Coalition , 2016pdf
    There is not a single state in the U.S. where a minimum wage employee working full-time can reasonably afford a one-bedroom apartment at the fair market rent. While 29 states, plus the District of Columbia, have taken steps to raise the minimum wage above the federal rate of $7.25 per hour, affordable housing remains out of reach for the country's low-income workers.

  • The State of the Nation's Housing, 2015 pdf
    The annual descriptive report on the housing development in the US

  • Rise of the Renter Nation - Solution to the housing affordability crises in the US, incl. facts and figures on rental housing in the US. June 2014 pdf

  • The State of the Nation´s Housing, 2013
    The annual descriptive report on the housing development in the USA pdf

  • America´s Rental Housing, 2013
    From Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University, JCHS
    - full report pdf
    - fact sheet pdf

  • Out of Reach 2013, cost of 'affordable' housing pdf

  • The State of the Nation´s Housing, 2012 pdf

  • Out of Reach 2012 - America´s Forgotten Housing Crisis . With facts & figures state by state pdf

  • The state of the Nation's Housing, 2011  pdf (Chapter 5 on rental housing)

  • America's Rental Housing, Meeting Challenges, Building opportunities, Harvard Univ. 2011 pdf

  • State of the Nation's Housing, 2010 pdf



  • 30 years of public housing 1981-2011, from AHURI 2014 pdf

  • Housing Assistance in Australia, from AIHW, 2014, with facts & figures on housing pdf

  • Report on Gov. services 2013, chapter 16 on housing, incl. facts & figures. pdf

  • National Housing Survey, 2012 pdf

  • National Housing Supply Council
    Housing Supply and Affordability
    , 2012–13 pdf

  • Housing Australia, factsheet, 2012
    A quick guide to housing facts and figures
    , prepared for National Shelter by Shelter NSW pdf

  • Secure occupancy in rental housing; conceptual foundations and international comparative perspectives, AHURI 2011. pdf

  • A Profile of Social Housing in Australia, 2010 pdf

  • A Better Lease on Life, Improving Australian Tenancy Law. A National Shelter Report 2010 pdf

  • International trends in housing and policymaking responses, 2007, from AHURI, Australia. pdf


  • Tenants in the Global South - how are they coping?
    Future challenges and strategies for action, 2014.
    Harvard University policy brief with IUT pdf

  • Influence and Invisibility, Tenants in Housing Provision, in Tanzania
    214 pages, 2006
    Published by the Department of Human Geography, Stockholm University
    Author: Dr Jenny Cadstedt
    ISBN: 91-854445-35-5, ISSN: 0349-7003
    A high proportion of urban residents in Tanzanian cities are tenants who rent rooms in privately owned houses in unplanned settlements. However, in housing policy and in urban planning rental tenure gets very little attention. This study focuses for and consequences of this discrepancy between policy and practise
    More info: 

  • Tenants and Landlords in South Africa. A guide to rights, duties and responsibilities of tenants and landlords of residential buildings. 2004
    ISBN: 0-9584610-1-5. 106 pages
    Produced by the Organisation of Civic Rights
    More information from
    OCR´s website:



Latin America

  • Rental Housing Wanted: Policy Options for Latin America and the Caribbean. 2014
    This 45-page publication presents the key findings and recommendations of an investigation conducted by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and describe the on-going projects to design and implement policies to stimulate the rental housing market in different LAC countries.
    Available in in EN, PT and ES
  • Enforcing Housing Rights in the Americas
    Pursuing Housing Rights claims within the Inter-American System of Human Rights. A resource guide for practitioners. 2003 pdf

Tenant movement, history

  • USA: What started as a rent strike revolutionized public housing, 2012 pdf
  • USA: National Public Housing Museum
  • Changes and Path dependency in the social housing sector in Austria, France and the NL (1889-2008), by C. Lévy-Vroelant, C. Reinprecht, F. Wassemberg pdf

  • IUT 1926-2006 Global Tenant magazine pdf

  • Sweden, the tenant movement pdf
  • USA: The Tenant Movement in New York City, 1904-1984
    Edited by Ronald Lawson. 1986
    About the book.
    Table of Contents
  • Deutscher Mieterbund 100 Jahre (in German) pdf
  • England: The hidden history of tenants 


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