Global Tenant

International union of tenants’ magazine

  • Global Tenant – December 2012

    • Where to for Australian tenancy laws
    • Third attack on the European social housing – France
    • Australia and the great dream
    • IUT members in Australia
    • Tenants need to be at the table!
    • IUT at the 6th World Urban Forum
    • Naples, Italy
    • New York
    • Scotland: Universal credit
    • What´s IUT been up to?
    • USA, Seattle: Healthy Housing
    • Kvasnevskis vs. Latvia
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  • Global Tenant – July 2012

    • Theme: 13 IUT arguments for Rental Housing
    • Chronicle: Everyone’s right to housing –  what does it take?  By Nadja Shah, MVÖ Austria
    • Every modern society needs a rental market, by Sven Bergenstråhle
    • 13 IUT arguments for rental housing
    • Energy, tenants – news from Brussels
    • Slovakia, and a marginalised rental sector
    • Security of tenure in Victoria, Australia
    • Mixed tenure in Vienna
    • Salzburg housing fund
    • Chicago, a city of renters
    • Notices, new publications
    • IUT goes to Naples and WWUF 6
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  • Global tenant – march 2012

    • Theme: Tenant Participation
    • Chronicle: Tenant Participation in Scotland  By Lesley Baird, TPAS Scotland
    • Tenant participation across Europe
    • TP in New South Wales, Australia
    • Concept of TP in Canada
    • Germany and TP
    • Sweden, where tenants set the rents
    • England and TP
    • TP across France
    • TP, the Italian way
    • Hong Kong and TP
    • Russia, and lack of housing for the Young
    • World Urban Forum VI in Naples
    • EU points at lack of affordable housing
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  • Global tenant – november 2011

    • Chronicle: Magnus Hammar ‘Young Adults matter, here and there’
    • U.K; What future for social housing?
    • Report from Tenant´s Day in Brussels
    • Little action on housing for young people
    • IUT protests against evictions in the UK
    • Housing and the EU – current issues
    • Norway goes for homeownership
    • Provivienda, housing solution in Spain
    • Private rental sector, increased importance
    • Stockholm protests against privatisations
    • Canada, Toronto, ground zero for renters
    • Japan coping with disasters
    • South Africa with a an aspiration to house all
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