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Below are some key IUT policy papers and press releases on different matters. For more info on our policy work, please see our special EU and energy policy sites.





      • The Recovery: A tenant-friendly EU Green Deal
        11 claims by the IUT towards the EU Green Deal renovation wave- Boosting the economy by combating energy poverty and creating a sound and safe living environment in green quarters.
      • We have a special site covering our response and policy on Corona virus & Covid-19.
      • Corona pandemic: Statement from IUT
        Don’t make the Covid-19 pandemic crisis a homelessness crisis – Read our statement in support of tenants, from IUT President, Marie Linder, and the Members of the Executive Committee


      • IUT has responded to the consultation by the UN special rapporteur for adequate housing. IUT  emphasised the need for states to take action to achieve the human rights goal of adequate housing for all. The response is available here.
      • Updates from the previous IUT President Sven Bergenstråhle can be found on this site.
      • IUT members have reported on the progress of housing policy in their respective countries and their wishes for the future in a booklet “IUT minisurvey and report to the 21st World Conference
      • The IUT Priorities for the European Parliament has now been translated to German, SpanishCatalan, French,  and to Italian. Members and supporters can use and adapt this to their particular circumstances and send the text to their respective MEPs.












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