IUT World Conference

The IUT World Conference is held every three years to share experiences and information from tenants’ movements all over the world to strengthen their work and enhance the situation for tenants. The conference is a way to lift issues and promote the right to decent and safe housing and the situation for tenants in different parts of the world. Before the 2017 revision of the IUT Statutes, the World Conference was referred to as the IUT Congress.

2023  IUT 22nd World Conference

The  World Conference was held on 19-21 April 2023  in Lisbon, Portugal.


Attached is the programme  IUT Program Webb

We had participants from 22 countries and speakers from several continents.

The theme chosen was: Tenants for safe and affordable housing.

Click here to read Report and Mini survey from Members.

Sessions were lively and interactive and included daily workshop sessions where participants exchanged knowledge on many topical subjects including political and media campaigns, social media use by Tenants’ associations, the sharing economy, the financialisation of housing, the experience of start-up associations in the Balkan, the Barcelona model, the housing crisis in Ireland and much more.

Film Presentations from the conference will be available here shortly.

The conference participants have contributed to a mini survey and report that focuses on the tenants’ associations’ responses to the global housing crisis and their experiences over the past three and a half years since the last conference.

The participants issued a joint statement available here.


Bent Madsen – Housing Europe – Navigating the Cost-of-Living, Inflation Crisis – Committed to Housing for All

Claus Højte – Media Management – Achieving Political Goals on a Minimal Budget

David Zimmerman – Financialisation of Housing

Filipa Roseta – Municipal Housing Charter – Habitar Lisboa

Glen Hodgson – Social media for Associations

Jasminka Tadic Husanovic – CENSOR

Javier Buron Cuadrado – BCN Housing Model

Luis Mendez – Short-term rentals, IUT Actions

Maja Staleska – Housing and Tenants Organization – HTO

Ola Palmgren – Swedish Union of Tenants election campaign

Paloma Taltavull – Sharing Economy in the Housing Market

Rory Hearne – Gaffs, why no one can get a house – and what we can do about it

Report of Activities – IUT Stockholm – 2019-2023

Activity Plan – IUT Stockholm – 2023-2026

Finacialisation of housing – VONOVIA

Report of Activities – IUT Brussels – 2019-2023

Plan of Actions – IUT Brussels – 2023-2026


2019 IUT 21st World Conference

Theme: UN Sustainable Development Goals, especially SDG 11: Sustainable cities and communities.
When: Thursday 3rd to Friday 4th October 2019
Where: Vienna, Austria

The 21st World Conference will take place in Vienna Austria on 3rd and 4th October 2019.
Attached is the programme and registration document. Already we have participants from 23 countries and speakers from several continents.

The theme this year will be the 2030 Agenda, including the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly SDG 11 “Sustainable Cities and Communities”.

Sessions will be lively and interactive and will include roundtable sessions where participants will hear about best practice and exchange knowledge on many topical subjects including political campaigning by Tenants’ associations, short-term rental platforms and touristification, how to attract and retain members,  strategies against skyrocketing rents and an opportunity to learn about rent negotiation systems around the world .

There will also be study visits to the unique housing models in Vienna and extensive  networking opportunities.

The conference participants have contributed to a mini survey and report that focuses on The United Nations’ sustainable development goals and the financialisation of housing. It is available here.

IUT congress statement: Global Housing: Action – not just words
IUT Survey: IUT Member reports to the World Conference 

Christian Bartok – Mieterhilfe
Claudio Acioly – Message from UN-HABITAT
Dan Nicander – Political campaigning by Tenants Unions
Daniel Glaser – The Vienna model for affordable housing
Eddie Jacquemart – The importance of organising tenants
Ellen Geurts – The UN sustainable development goals 
Erik Elmgren – How to recruit and retain members
Karin Zauner-Lohmeyer – Housing for All
Martin Hofverberg – Short term rental platforms
Paulus Jansen – Social agreement of the Woonbond and landlords
Wibke Werner – Strategies against skyrocketing rents

2016 IUT 20th Congress

Theme: 21st century rent control
14-16 October 2016
Where: Glasgow, Scotland

IUT congress statement: The rent is too high – we need a 21st century rent control!
PDF in english
PDF in french
PDF in spanish

Congress book: Reports from 24 countries to the IUT congress

Sven Bergenstråhle, IUT President
Barbara Steenbergen, IUT Brussels
Sorcha Edwards, Housing Europe
Sebastien Jolis, City of Paris
Marietta Haffner, Delft University of Technology
Mary Taylor, Scottish Federation of Housing Association
Dutch Tenants Union – Woonbond
Isobel Anderson, Sterling University
Liz Ely, Living Rent
Wibke Werner, Berliner Mieterverein
Rent Relations in Latvia
Elena Shomina, RU, Student Housing

2013 IUT 19th Congress

Theme: Financing of affordable rental housing 
When: 25-27 October 2013
Where: Krakow, Poland

Congress statement (with signatures)
Congress booklet (with 25 country presentations)

Report of activities 2010-2012


Opening of congress, Oct 25
Panel Debate on stage, Oct. 26
Various photos by P. Forsman, SUT
Restaurant Morskie Oko, Oct 26
Study visit Nowa Huta, Oct. 27

2010 IUT 18th Congress

When: 2-4 October 2010
Where: Prague, Czech Republic

Written Declaration IUT congress, 2010
IUT congress Statement on Affordable Rental Housing

2007 IUT 17th Congress

When: 20-23 September 2007
Where: Berlin, Germany

Congress Statement

2004 IUT 16th Congress

When: 5-8 August 2004
Where: Birmingham, England

Affordable Housing for All!
AIDS/HIV causes loss of breadwinners and increase homelessness

2001 IUT 15th Congress

When:  1-4 February, 2001
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Protocol from Congress


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