Youth and other Social Groups

Youths and other social groups do sometimes face great challanges when it comes to housing. Here we have collected various papers that gives an insight to how these challanges looks like, as well as different reports and publications that propose solutions for the housing situation that these groups are in. The papers are divided in to two categories – Facts about youth and housing, and Facts about other social groups and housing – and organised by year.

We hope that you will find the facts that you are looking for. If you have any tip about other papers that can provide interesting information about this subject, please contact us!

Facts about Youth and Housing


Costly Student Accommondation in Europe
Spotlight on European Student Housing, Savills World Research 2013.

State of Urban Youth
Youth in the prosperity of cities 2012-2013. By UN Habitat, 2013.


Affordable Rental Housing for the Young – Facts and News
IUT, International Tenants’ Day 2011.

Affordable Rental Housing for the Young – Make it Happen Now!
IUT, International Tenants’ Day 2011.

Lack of affordable housing is a plague shared by many young people in the EU
From International Tenants’ Day 2011.


51 Million Young EU Adults Lived with their Parent(s) in 2008
Eurostat, population and social conditions. By Marta Choroszewicz, 2010.


EU Youth Report
Education and Culture DG, 2009.


Young Europeans
A survey among Young people aged between 15-30 in the European Union. Eurobarometer, 2007.


Little Action in Sight to Solve Young Adults’ Housing Situation
By Magnus Hammar, published by the Global Tenant 2001.

Facts about Other Social Groups and Housing


Active Ageing and Intergenerational Solidarity
By the European Housing Forum, 2012.


The Relation Between Population and Housing
United Nations economic Commission for Europe, 2010.


Immigrants Housing and Urban Renewal in Vienna’s Ottakring
By Blair Schaeffer 2009.

Where the other half lives – Lower Income Housing in a Neoliberal World
Edited by; Sarah Glynn
Published by Pluto Books, 2009, 340 pages
ISBN: 978 0 7453 2857 7, paperback
order from


Housing Policy and Vulnerable Social Groups
Report made by specialists on Housing Policies for Social Cohesion. Published by Council of Europe, 2008.


Housing and Integration of Migrants in Europe
European Found, for the improvement of living and working conditions. Council of Europe, 2007.


Social Dimensions of Housing
First European qulaity of Life survey – European Foundation for the improvement of living and working conditions, 2003.

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