International Tenants’ Day

Celebrated on the first Monday of October every year

International Tenants Day originated in 1986 when the French tenant organisation CNL proposed a special world day for tenants. The board of the IUT agreed and decided on May 22 1986, to designate the first Monday in October as the International Tenants’  Day. The IUT announces a theme each year but tenant organisations are of course free to chose their own topic/theme for this day.

The date chosen by the IUT Board was made with the background of the UN resolution taken in December 1985, by the UN General Assembly, to designate the first day of October every year as the World Habitat Day.

2019 – Save our homes against the financialisation of housing

This year the International Tenants’ Day, celebrated on the first Monday of October each year, coincides with the United Nations Special rapporteur’s launch in 2019 of “The Shift”  and ” Push the film”.

The International Union of Tenants (IUT) has therefore chosen these themes together with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, in particular goal number 11, Make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable  as the recommended themes when Tenants celebrate the International Tenants’ Day around the world.

The IUT supports its members in making their own choice at a national or regional level as to which sub-themes they may want to promote.

2018 – Housing for the elderly must be suitable, sound and safe

That is the theme for the 2018 International Tenants’  Day. Find out more and see our suggestions on sub-themes in our press release. Press release in French here.

2018 celebrations at a glance:

Our member in Congo-KinshasaAssociation Pour la Protection et Droit des Locataires au Congo (APDLC), marked the day with a meeting. Here are some photos.


One of our member organisations in PortugalAssociação dos Inquilinos Lisbonenses, held a debate about the housing situation for elderly people in Lisboa.


In Sweden, our member organisation, Hyresgästföreningen, wrote a chronicle together with the the Swedish National Pensioners’ Organisation on the theme: “Elderly people need affordable homes to move in to”

From Bosnia and Herzegovina we got this report:
Following our local “tradition” from the last year, this October we marked the Habitat Day, in Tuzla and Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina). We distributed over 3.000 leaflets in the two cities, with basic information about IUT, UN Habitat Day, HGF and our partner project HOLICOB (Housing and Living Conditions in Bosnia).
In partnership with the Union of Tenants Tuzla, our association organized a round table in Tuzla on this year theme: Sound, safe and suitable housing for elderly people. We gathered about 30 participants (tenants, tenants’ representatives, elderly, youth), where Mr. Osmanbegovic (Local Union of Tenants president) emphasised importance of the Habitat Day and Ms. Durakovic (recently retired secretary general of Regional Red Cross, implementing Care for Elderly program) shared challenges that elderly face in housing.
Media in Sarajevo and Tuzla promoted the activities:

In South AfricaThe organisation of Civil Rights received national newspaper coverage with an article written by Dr Saye Iqbal Mohamed.

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