The Rental Market in Austria

In Austria we have two member organisations, who’s contact information you can find in the right column. Here, as a service to anyone interested, we have also collected facts and information about the housing market in general, and rental market in particular. Most of the publications and links are based on other sources, and the authors themselves are responsible for that information.

The Private Rental Sector in Austria

There are tree different kinds of rent control in Austria. These three different systems of rent control are relevant for contracts to which the MRG fully applies and if the rent agreement has been concluded since 31 December 1981:

1. The adequate rent (Angemessener Hauptmietzins) limits free market rents depending on size, type, location, maintenance condition and furniture of a dwelling. In general, the adequate rent is relevant in leased property in houses built after 8 May 1945; in flats above 130 m²; in tenancy contracts unlimited in time with rent agreements in written form where the transfer of the rented dwelling has taken place more than one year ago (TenLaw).

2. Category rent (Kategoriemietzins) limits free market rents through classification of dwellings according to their equipment level (standard). Rent agreements which were concluded between 1982 and 1994, and rent agreements which have been concluded since 1 March 1994. For each category a maximum monthly rent is fixed per m².

3. Standard value rent (Richtwertmietzins): Rent greements which have been concluded since 1 March 1994.

For more information, please download our PDF-file about the private rental sector in Austria

Reports and publications

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Housing Finance International

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Tenant links about Austria

Housing Research Program

Basic information about Austrian housing, 2003.

Österreichischer Verband Gemeinnütziger Bauvereinigungen – Revisionsverband

History about public housing in Austria

Changes and Path Dependency in the Social Housing Sector in Austria, France and the Netherlands (1889-2008)

Learning from History

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