UN Economic Commission for Europe

The UNECE – UN Economic Commission for Europe, is a regional commission with member states from 55 states, including United States, Israel, the Russian Federation and the former federal states of the Soviet Union. The Commission has seven principal subsidiary bodies, of which the Committee on Human Settlements is one.

The IUT has since 1996 been a working partner with the UNECE, Committee on Housing and land Management.

The Committee meets annually in Geneva and deals with questions like;

  • Promoting democratic governance
  • City development
  • Demographic trends
  • Facilitating social cohesion and security
  • Problems with housing, tenure, land rights, etc. in countries in transition
  • Urban renewal and Housing Modernization – forms of tenure
  • Residents´ influence on urban renewal
  • Legal and institutional framework
  • Problems connected with housing /tenure and privatisation
    …and many more issues

The Committee promotes partnership between the public, NGOs and the business sector of the UNECE countries at regional, national and local levels.