The rental market in Nepal

IUT has an Associate Member in Nepal.

Below, as a service to anyone interested, we have collected facts and information about the housing market in general, and rental market in particular. Most of the publications and links are based on other sources, and the authors themselves are responsible for that information. We also have contact information to one Tenant Union in Nepal.

Reports and publications

Nepal: Almost 40 % of all Nepalese Rent Their Homes in Urban Areas

Published by Himalayan Times, 2014.


Federation of tenants Nepal
Kathmandu Nepal
New rental act in Nepal

Kathmandu 17/10/2017, Government of Nepal has passed rental act after 1963. The act has been coverage the right of householders and tenants simultaneously. Nearly 62.4% of tenants and 37.6% of householder has been directly and indirectly benefited. The new act has include various points i.e type of rental area, save rental area, time period of agreement, compulsory of agreement, important points should includes in agreement, name the goods will consume, responsibility of householder and tenant, process of rent payment, insurance of rental area, house tax (will pay by householder), etc. According to the federation of tenant Nepal (FNT), new rental act is more suitable for residential area but less protect or save the business and industrial investor. In the same way, FNT has also support the voice of businessman and industrial to change or add few more points in new rental act, immediately. On dated 18/10/2017, FNT had also conducted press meet for giving specially thanks to government of Nepal, IUT, related organization, intellectual personal and press, who gave valuable support and suggestion.

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