Podcast: Building Tenant Power – With IUTs Barbara Steenbergen

Building Tenant Power:

Barbara Steenbergen from the International Union of Tenants, European Union office, joins Am Johal on this episode of Below the Radar. Together they discuss the role of the tenant unions in Europe as well as their advances in housing policies and protecting tenant rights.

Barbara talks about the European housing context, and how tenant social movements in Europe led to the establishment of tenant unions. She discusses successful progressive housing policies in Berlin, Vienna, and the Scandinavian model for public housing, as well as some of the progress being made in countries that have an extremely high home ownership rate, like Spain and Portugal.

— International Union of Tenants: www.iut.nu/about-iut/
— Berlin’s Tenants Association (Berliner Mieterverein): www.berliner-mieterverein.de/sprachen/englisch.htm

— German Tenants Union (Deutscher Mieterbund) www.mieterbund.de
— UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Housing: unhousingrapp.org/
— International Social Housing Festival – Helsinki June 2022: https://socialhousingfestival.eu/#:~:text=The%202022%20edition%20of%20International,now%20and%20in%20the%20future

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