Tenant organisations issue joint statement at World Conference 2023

On 19th to 21st April, representatives of the world’s tenant organisations met in Lisbon during the International Union of Tenants’ World Conference. The conference is held every three years, and is the 22nd conference held since IUT’s foundation in 1926. During this year’s conference, the International Union of Tenants – IUT – adopted a joint statement.

The International Tenants Union – 22nd world conference statement in summary:


Over time the problems remain the same. They are surprisingly similar on a global scale.

  • Rapidly growing inequalities:
  • Financialisation
  • Gentrification
  • The rising cost of living
  • Insecure legal environment
  • Housing is still not a fundamental human right
  • Economic challenges are no longer only related to the weakest, but also middle-income households
  • These developments were further speeded up by the Ukraine war
  • The importance of good building standards was highlighted by the earthquake in Turkey and Syria


IUT Claims on Decision-makers Globally

  • Moratoria on evictions
  • Public funding for energy-efficiency renovations (to avoid energy poverty)
  • Policies on rent stabilisation
  • Policies to avoid renovictions
  • Institutional tenants’ participation democracy (level playing field)


IUT Calls on Decision Makers Globally

  • Ensure ”housing cost neutrality” (public, private and social housing)
  • The concept of energy poverty should be better defined
  • Tenants’ unions should have a say in legislative processes (to ensure tenants’ democracy)



  • An active organisation
  • A credible organisation
  • A trustworthy partner


Because tenants stand united!


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