The IUT Paris declaration – The situation is unbearable

IUT Board, October 2022 in Paris
IUT Board, October 2022 in Paris

The IUT Paris declaration

The IUT board met in Paris on 27 October 2022. Discussing the situation for tenants in their respective countries, it became evident that tenants across Europe are facing severe consequences of the cost-of-living crisis. Rent increases following indexation coupled to inflation, and the soaring energy prices are making the situation unbearable for low- and middle-income households. Facing similar challenges in Europe, and elsewhere, the IUT board is making this declaration to call for governments to act.

We reaffirm our demands on governments to decide and implement a plan for the protection of tenants around seven objectives:

  1. Insert a price cap for energy household consumption.
  2. No energy cut-offs for households financially overburdened by increased energy costs.
  3. Moratoria on evictions against tenants who have fallen behind with their payments.
  4. Develop a policy of rent stabilisation and controls to prevent the indexation of rents in the face of inflation driving up rents and limit rent increases, especially in the private rental sector.
  5. Long-term compensation for increases in energy costs by governments for low- and middle-income households (climate housing allowances) by using national public funding, which can be complemented by International Green Funds and the EU Social Climate Fund.
  6. Develop an energy renovation policy which does not negatively affect tenants and does not lead to ”renovictions” (no evictions by renovation and displacement of residents).
  7. Ensure the maximum level of institutional tenants ‘participation and democracy, at level playing field with the landlords and housing providers.

Acknowledging the dire situation for tenants in the cost-of-living crisis, the IUT calls on governments to act with the sense of urgency that the situation now requires.


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