IUT Brussels EU News

Newsletter and guidance paper

Summer 2018

  • EU Partnership for affordable housing at the EIB in Luxembourg
  • Ronald Paping becomes housing and finance councilor of the city of Arnhem
  • Hearing of the “Dutch Case” at the ECJ
  • EU decides new climate targets 2030
  •  IUT meets in Oslo, Stuttgart and Brussels

April 2018

  • Lisbon meeting of the EU housing partnership – special report
  • Backlash for national housing bank in Austria
  • New leader of S&D group in the European Parliament

February 2018

  • Berlin Meeting of the IUT working Group “Housing Policy”
  • Launch of the EU energy poverty observatory
  • EU Comission proposes reform of VAT
  • 10th anniversary of the IUT Brussels office

December 2017

  • EU Cities Forum in Rotterdam
  • EP  Committee votes for 3% modernisation rate
  • First report of the EU housing partnership
  • EU-council on tenant’s office solar self-generation

October 2017

  • Welcome to Annika Wahlberg, new IUT-secretary general
  • IUT working group meets in Brussels
  • New housing initiative report in the CoR
  • Agreement to EU Pillar of Social Rights
  • Statistics-the state of housing in the EU 2017

June 2017

  • International Social Housing Festival
  • EU partnership for housing in Amsterdam
  • Kick-off IUT working group “general housing policy”
  • IUT board meeting in Brussels 27/28 April
  • German Tenant’s Day 2017 in Magdeburg
  • Barcelona invites to an international congress for social housing

April 2017

  • The “Dutch Case” Repoened”
  • EU energy council
  • Role of residents in energy-efficient renovation
  • International Social Housing Festival in June

February 2017

  • Housing markets comparison: recent OECD – database
  • European Holiday Home Association submits complaint at EC about rules for short term rentals
  • New balance of Powers in the European Parliament
  • EP adopts report on the pillar of social rights

December 2016

  • European Responsible Housing Awards 2016 – policy meets practice
  • Housing conference in the Czech Senate – a new housing law in the starting block
  • European Commission issues new energy package – what´s new for tenants?

October 2016

  • IUT Brussels moves to a new office in Town – Avenue des Rogations 28
  • European Responsible Housing Awards: Jury meeting and final ceremony date – November 23
  • Deep renovations: make them affordable! IUT applies for Horizon 2020 programme
  • IUT president Sven Bergenstråhle at the international Housing Europé Conference
  • EU Housing partnership meetings in Bratislava and Geneva
  • Extraordinary EP Urban Intergroup meeting in Brussels
  • IUT is now full member of EESC Liaison Group – CSO
  • EU parliament on tenant’s self-generation of renewable energies for heating and cooling
  • Delegation of Austrian Trade Union for Construction workers in The Hague

June 2016

  • IUT at the Berlin Habitat lll Conference
  • Twin Birthday in Zürixh: 125 years Züricher Mieterverband und 90 years IUT
  • IUT board on the European pillar of social rights
  • IUT at CNL 100 years Congress
  • European Economic and Social Committee: financing services of general interest
  • Affordable housing in European cities
  • Committee of Regions on SGEI rules
  • Energy policy meetings
  • Second edition of European Responsible Housing Awards: 61 applications received

April 2016

  • IUT at Prague Habitat lll meeting
  • Housing Partnership formally launched
  • Second edition of European Resonsible Housing Awards – call for entries launched!
  • Social issues
  • European Investment Bank goes for housing
  • New National Housing Bank in Austria
  • Energy issues

February 2016

  • EU urban agenda: moving forward
  • EIB loan to Dutch social housing Corporation
  • Energy efficiency in rental housing, IUT at the Joint Research Center
  • HABITAT III regional conference in Prague
  • European Parliament working on housing and migration
  • Meeting with new director of DG Competition
  • IUT supported by EUROCITIES

December 2015

  • Meeting with Hong Kong social NGO
  • Vulnerable Consumer Working Group: focus on tenants
  • New EU Urban Partnerships 2015-2018 IUT nominated
  • Europe housing forum: need of affordable housing for the Young
  • Joining forces with CNL on SGEI
  • IUT at SWL sector conference on social housing financing
  • IUT at symposium of German housing cooperatives
  • Responsible Housing: support needed for Awards’ second edition
  • EP: increasing focus on housing COSTs
  • IUT at Eurocities’ housing and state aid working group- new policy line adopted
  • City of Vienna workshop

October 2015

  • IUT Meeting with Šefčovič Cabinet: new approach to energy poverty needed
  • IUT as major stakeholder in the Energy Performance Buildings Directive
  • Delegation of Bündnis 90/Die Grünen in Brussels
  • EC Forum on heating and cooling
  • European Parliament puts focus on household COSTs
  • Juncker plan: France uses money for energy efficiency projects in housing
  • New Economic Foundation invites IUT to Copenhagen Conference
  • Eurofound workshop on social costs of housing shortages
  • TENLAW final conference: wide consensus on “tenure neutrality”
  • IUT at USH Congress in Montpellier
  • Changes in the IUT Board
  • Queen Maxima as special guest at Dutch and International Tenants’ Day 2015

August 2015

  • New term for the Vulnerable Consumers Working Group
  • PBD consultation
  • Energy transition- conference of the Swiss Tenants Union in cooperation with the Swiss energy Foundation
  • “Summer package” launched by DG ENER
  • Social affairs meeting with Frans Timmermans
  • Housing conferences in Scotland and France
  • European Federation for Living working on social return on investment
  • TTIP and public services

June 2015

  • IUT Board sends clear message to stop unfair evictions
  • Vote on TTIP postponed
  • German rent brake – main subject of Deutscher Mietertag 2015
  • European Court of Justice decides on “Dutch case”
  • 65th Austrian council of cities and town on the “Dutch case”
  • Stanford law school visits IUT Brussels office

April 2015

  • State of North Rhine-Westphalia signed European Declaration on Responsible Housing
  • Background meeting with Czech MEP on energy efficiency
  • TPAS-IUT workshop in Glasgow
  • A new strategy for the real estate sector
  • Pole Europe: jour fixe with CNL on European issues
  • First Commission answer to request for “Almunia Package” revision
  • The Energy Union package: revision of legislation expected by 2016
  • EFSI regulation: pushing for inclusion of social housing
  • ECHR judgement on right to housing against France

January 2015

  • European Responsible Housing Initiative: from EU to local level
  • “Juncker Plan” to boost investment in social housing
  • The Housing Reference Group: a stronger link with the EP

October 2014

  • International Tenants Day
  • A voluntary agreement for responsible housing in Europé
  • First edition of the European Resonsible Housing Awards
  • Junker’s team approved by European Parliament
  • Flexible energy targets for 2030

September 2014

  • Jean-Claude Juncker unveils new european Commission team

August 2014

  • EU elections
  • European Commission’s gender balance unlikely to be achieved
  • Energy efficiency in Buildings: Member States held in check by Commission
  • Open consultations on EU urban agenda
  • Meeting with Neven Mimica – EU Commissioner for Consumer Protection
  • International Tenants Day in Brussels on October 6

May 2014

  • Country results: a eurosceptic wave?
  • ERHIN Project

March 2014

  • European Resonsible Housing Initiative (ERHIN) – Draft Joint Declaration and Code of Conduct
  • Mayors of European Cities present the “Resolution for social housing in Europé”
  • EU homelessness strategy

January 2014

  • Launch of the European Responsible Housing Awards
  • Overview of the Project’s progress
  • CSR management, Tenant involvement, Diversity, Partnership with suppliers
  • Stakeholders view on Responsible Housing

December 2013

  • Meeting with Martin Schulz
  • CNL demonstrating in Lille
  • Responisble Housing – on the way to a joint charter with housing providers
  • Increase of income limits in the Netherlands
  • Structural funds for housing refurbishment and urban development
  • 2 Days of advocacy towards the EU institutions

June and July 2012

  • Directive on energy efficiency
  • A European Agenda for Social Hosuing
  • Affordable housing for all-policy and implications of shrinking budget

December 2012

  • New EU initiatives for Social Housing
  • Initiative report of the European Parliament on social housing