Global Tenant

International union of tenants’ magazine

  • Global Tenant – April 2008

    • Chronicle: IUT in the capital of Europe
    • Sitting Tenants in CEE-region
    • Poland, Nowa Huta and its residents
    • Latvia: transition with high human costs
    • Macedonia
    • Seamy side of Brussels
    • Norway, where rental housing is overlooked
    • Tenants in N.Y. Harlem
    • Mexico City
    • Liberia, a country of renters
    • Fuel poverty in the UK
  • Global Tenant – November 2007

    • Theme: IUT Congress
    • Chronicle: Alexandra Pascalidou
      “Ownership does not always make you happier”
    • Success story from Holland
    • Italy: Not a crime to occupy an empty dwelling
    • Canada: Lack of affordable housing
    • “Young adults” in Sweden care about their future
    • Brasilia – one of it’s kind!
    • Massive campaign by Swedish Union of Tenants.
    • IUT Congress in Berlin, September 20-23
    • Switzerland: No 1, but there are shortcomings!
  • Global tenant – June 2007

    • Theme: Russia and Privatisation of Rental Housing
    • Chronicle: A better life in Russia for my son
      by Prof. Yelena Shomina, Moscow
    • Article: Housing in Moscow
    • Germany: Peoples´s initiative saved municipal housing
    • New leadership in the DMB, Germany
    • Stockholm´s new political majority sells the public housing stock
    • How to prevent further riots in Paris
    • Wales, U.K., seeks to transfer its housing stock
    • South Africa; Abused women and children find shelter
    • About IUT Congress 2007, and notices
  • Global Tenant – January 2007

    • Theme: Australia
    • Penny Carr, TUQ: Outdated tenancy laws in Australia
    • Prof. Terry Burke: Australian housing in context
    • Weak security of tenure in Australia
    • Canberra, ACT
    • Western Australia, TAS
    • Victoria, TUV
    • Queensland and 20 years of tenant protection
    • Shortcomings in Australian housing conditions; UN Special Rapporteur
    • About IUT Congress 2007, and notices

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