Global Tenant

International union of tenants’ magazine

  • Global tenant – july 2011

    • Theme: Young Adults and Housing
    • Chronicle by Heidrun Clausen, DMB ‘German youths need new and fair
    • Young adults´rights to housing of thier own, by Sven Bergenstråhle
    • USA: Renewed importance of rental housing
    • Japan, and young adults
    • Scotland, with a right-to-housing
      by 2012
    • Canada, no-fault policy on bed-bugs
    • Armenia, suffering from political and nature disasters
    • Bulgaria, with a long tradition of homeownership
    • Australia, Canberra
    • New Zealand and demand for rentals
    • Croatian Union of Tenants, 20 years
    • Czech Republic deregulates rents
    • International Tenants´ Day
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  • Global tenant – march 2011

    • Chronicle by Michelle Reid, Chief Executive of TPAS England
    • Affordable rental housing for the Young – IUT theme 2011
    • Sweden, and housing for the young
    • Finland, with good housing for all?
    • Living in Paris
    • Polish tenants unite!
    • Housing in Spain, and about FAVIBC
    • MVÖ, Austria, 1911-2011
    • CTO, tenants in Cleveland, Ohio USA
    • Dhaka, Bangladesh
    • New book on rental housing and tenants in Russia
    • Victoria, Australia, from TUV Melbourne
    • UK tenants lack the force of tenants´ voice on mass
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  • Global tenant – November 2010

    • Chronicle by IUT President S. Bergenstråhle
    • Death of Social Housing in England?
    • Report from IUT congress in Prague
    • Housing for an ageing generation
    • Follow up on the ‘Dutch case’
    • Evictions in Kenya
    • At what Cost? Reflection by an Aussi tenant
    • Stark contrasts in Latvia
    • Housing in Croatia
    • Revitalizing social housing in Hungary
    • Karl Marx Hof 80 years, and Notices
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  • Global tenant – may 2010

    • Greetings from Russia!
    • Spaced out in the UK
    • IUT congress in Prague
    • Congress theme: Affordable housing, does such exist? Facts & figures
    • Snapshots from Australia
    • EU, its Commission and its cases
    • EU and Urban Intergroup
    • Poland, and new threatening laws
    • Albania, a country in transition
    • Switzerland, from Geneva and Zürich and Notices
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