Global Tenant

International union of tenants’ magazine

  • GLobal Tenant – September 2014

    • Chronicle by Milan Taraba, SON
      Europe´s voters moved towards the political fringes
    • TPAS England
    • Generation Rent, England
    • Polish rent-mirror
    • Sweden: housing uproar
    • Capped rents in Germany
    • SHOUT-campaign for social housing
    • Greetings from New-Zealand
    • Australian tenants fined
    • Rental housing Latin America
    • USA – rise of a renter nation
    • Harvard University works with IUT
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  • Global tenant – april 2014

    • Theme: EU elections
    • Chronicle by Magnus Hammar: The elections  – whether you like it or not Housing on the EU agenda
    • Strengthen tenant´s voices in Brussels
    • IUT Tenant Milestones
    • ERHIN project, responsible housing
    • Housing in Quebec, Canada
    • Paris and London – tale of two cities
    • Renting in Macedonia
    • News from Australia
    • Do governments invest in rental housing?
    • FAVIBC, Spain, 25 years
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  • Global tenant – december 2013

    • Chronicle by Barbro Engman, SUT Sweden
    • Housing in the Nordic countries
    • IUT congress – report
    • Housing –  a headache for Europe?
    • Norway relies on private rentals
    • Denmark with self-governed tenant
    • Iceland´s rental market
    • The Swedish model, up till now
    • Finland, and a growing rental sector
    • Scotland where ‘bedroom tax’ hits tenants
    • News from IUT Brussels
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  • Global tenant – april 2013

    • Chronicle by Serge I. Formentini, CNL
    • The right to housing, and tenure neutrality by Sven Bergenstråhle
    • IUT five years in Brussels
    • Switzerland – a tenant´s paradise?
    • Social housing in Ireland
    • CECODHAS 25 years
    • Tenure neutrality
    • Tenant advocacy in NSW Australia
    • Latvia and restitution
    • Emergence of tenant´s union in NSW
    • Regulated rental markets improve housing conditions!
    • India´s rental market
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