Global Tenant

International union of tenants’ magazine

  • Global Tenant – January 2016

    • Chronicle, the German rent brake
    • The market will not solve the housing shortage
    • The EU, challenges of social housing in Europe
    • The Swedish Model
    • AUS, NSW: tenants’ bond money
    • AUS, WA: Need for housing reforms
    • Catalonia, Spain
    • Slovenia and housing rights
    • South Africa, and tenant’s rights
    • Bosnia & Herzegovina
    • UNECE, on social housing
    • Habitat III
    • USA: Airbnb, NY housing plan
    • Switzerland, Swiss tenants 100 year
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  • Global Tenant – September 2015

    • Chronicle: Woonbond 25 years
    • Rental housing situation in England
    • Flanders, Belgium
    • Brussels, and lack of affordable homes
    • Switzerland, rental housing shortage
    • A view from Wales
    • Rent control in Paris
    • Ireland, and the private rental sector
    • Victoria, AUS
    • Toronto, CAN
    • Gentrification in New York
    • NAHT, USA
    • Rent Freeze in NY
    • IUT congress, first notice
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  • Global Tenant – April 2015

    • Chronicle: Norway, housing and the EU
    • Tenure neutrlity, by S. Bergenstråhle
    • ERHIN, and responsible housing
    • Australia news
    • San-Francisco
    • Poland, and social housing
    • Croatia and energy renovation
    • Scotland. TIS and scuritiny
    • Northern Ireland
    • Liberia and rental housing
    • Ulan-Ude in Siberia, Russia
    • Germany, and rent caps
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  • Global tenant – December 2014

    • Chronicle by Barbara Steenbergen: Building bridges in Europe”
    • The Netherlands, and debate on social housing
    • Tenant´s Day 2014  – report
    • TAROE, England
    • Vienna with growing housing costs
    • TPAS Scotland
    • Geneva UN Charter on Sustainable Housing
    • NY, Crown Heights Tenants Union
    • South Korea and “jeonse”
    • Australia and boarding houses
    • Tony´s Story
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