Global Tenant

International union of tenants’ quarterly magazine

  • Global Tenant – March 2017

    • Theme: About Airbnb and other short term rental platforms
    • Magnus says – “Farewell, and Good Bye!”
    • Airbnb – how and where it affects our homes and neighbourhoods
    • Housing in Norway – what is so special?
    • IUT Nordic members in Stockholm
    • Berlin, a city of tenants
    • Catalonia, and the need for balanced housing tenures
    • Social housing under pressure in Vienna
    • Dutch tenants protest against social housing tax
    • Social Housing Festival, June 13–23
    • Russia, it’s all about homeownership
    • Australia, where tenants yell for change
    • Scotland, housing rights in practice
    • Paris tackles vacation houses with new tax
  • Global Tenant – November 2016

    • Theme: IUTs’ 20th Congress
    • Scotland as a role model
    • Czech Republic and a law on social housing
    • Catalonia, A Spanish speciality
    • IUT congress statement , on rent control
    • Five young organizations: Generation Rent, Dublin Tenant Association, Crown Heights Tenant Union and Alla Ska Kunna Bo Kvar
    • The Swiss sign for more affordable
    • Sweden; reasonable rents benefit society
    • International Tenants Day in Canberra, AUS
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  • Global Tenant – April 2016

    • Chronicle: More affordable homes needed in Denmark, by Claus Höjte
    • Privatizing UK social housing won’t work – just look at Europe!
    • Preventing unhealthy housing is a gain for society.
    • EU news from Brussels.
    • Preparing for Habitat III, in Quito.
    • CNL, France, 100 years.
    • A clearing in the sky of Canada and Quebec.
    • Nepal Tenants Union.
    • Let’s talk public housing in Niagara Falls and in the U.S.
    • USA – and how housing has become unaffordable.
    • No utopia in the Australian Northern Territory.
    • Tenants Union NSW, AUS, 40 years.
    • New Zealand: Working for better rental housing.
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  • Global Tenant – January 2016

    • Chronicle, the German rent brake
    • The market will not solve the housing shortage
    • The EU, challenges of social housing in Europe
    • The Swedish Model
    • AUS, NSW: tenants’ bond money
    • AUS, WA: Need for housing reforms
    • Catalonia, Spain
    • Slovenia and housing rights
    • South Africa, and tenant’s rights
    • Bosnia & Herzegovina
    • UNECE, on social housing
    • Habitat III
    • USA: Airbnb, NY housing plan
    • Switzerland, Swiss tenants 100 year
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