• News & Events - 22 Sep2018

    Housing crisis drives more than 1m private tenants deeper into poverty

    Published in: The Guardian Read more
  • News & Events - 20 Sep2018

    NSW renters set to see biggest shake-up of state’s rental laws:Australia

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  • News & Events - 20 Sep2018

    Airbnb agrees to clarify pricing for EU

    Published in: EU Observer Read more
  • News & Events - 14 Sep2018

    MEPs kick off electoral campaign after Juncker’s State of the Union speech

    Published in: Euractiv Read more
  • News & Events - 11 Sep2018

    International Tenants’ day 2018, theme announced

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  • News & Events - 10 Sep2018

    Week ahead in the European parliament

    Published in: news Read more
  • News & Events - 28 Aug2018

    European Builders Confederation issues press release on EU V.A.T:

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  • News & Events - 15 Aug2018

    Southern Europe against Touristification :Lisboa, Portugal and other southern europe cities

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  • News & Events - 9 Aug2018

    #IWishMyLandlordKnew :Australia

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  • News & Events - 8 Aug2018

    Pathways to housing tax reform :Australia

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